Students' Association





Technoboom is an IT Department Students Association that is being monitored by Mrs.P.V.Venkateswaramma and Mrs.M.Deepthi. This club provides the students a platform to showcase their talents. Many Technical and Non-Technical events are conducted so as to provide the students with some extra curricular activities. An event is conducted every week and students are persuated to participate in the events, the main goal of these activities is to help the students discover themselves,to develop leadership qualities,to understand how to work in a team,acquire skills,become competent ,to learn time management and also to become proficient. These activities are mainly aimed at training the students to face any challenge they are confronted with in the mere future. This is a process of teaching the values in a friendly manner.Finally the winners of the events are encouraged by giving them prices on the main day i.e., Traditional Day of IT Department.

Events Organized