Student Activity Centre (IEEE)


IEEE Student Branch and Women in Engineering - Affinity Group

(Advancing Technology for Humanity)

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),  is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advance technological innovation and excellence for benefit of humanity.

Benefits for student member

IEEE Student competitions – from programming to humanitarian to robotics, IEEE membership allows you to compete against your peers and have fun simultaneously

IEEE Scholarships, awards and fellowships – enhance your career through a multitude of offerings.

IEEE potentials magazine – filled with technical articles and career information (this publication is created just for students)

Executive committee – 2018


Dr.K.Ramesh Reddy, Principal

IEEE Student branch Advisor 

Dr. R.Balasubramanian, Professor, EEE

IEEE Student Counselor: 

Dr. N. Malla Reddy, Prof. & HOD., EEE

Dr. Renuka Devi S M, Assoc.Prof., ECE

Department Coordinators

Mr. P.Buchibabu, Asst. Professor, EEE

Ms. P.Keerthi Chandrika, Asst. Professor, CSE

Mrs.M.Sreedevi, Asst. Professor, IT

Ms.G.Swetha, Asst.Professor, ETM

Ms. G.Madhavi, Asst. Prof, ECE

Student Committee

Ms. D.Swathi, SB Chair

Ms.G.Aneela, SB Vice chair

Ms.Mansanjali, SB Secretary

Ms. Hiba maviya, SB Treasurer






















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