AI & ML and associated technologies are part of our daily lives, also predicted that Global software vendors are after this new gold rush. In this regard, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Center of Excellence as an incubation center is established in 2017 by Department of CSE, GNITS.  An MOU is signed with M/s IT-SPOT, M/s Insofee, M/s empiezo, M/s Intrinsic Science labs for mentoring the students, faculty and to promote innovative projects.

This center aims at Students skill upgradation in the context of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Python / R technologies. As a part of this, technical training programs, Workshops and guest lectures for both the faculty and  the students are conducted regularly. This center mainly focuses on assisting students to design the project frame works  to carry out the projects,  and  to implement in-house academic projects in Artificial Intelligence domain. The status of the projects is reviewed regularly by experts from IT-SPOT. Hackathons are conducted to test the competence level of students. Project expo and Hour of Medhaomadhan is part of the Centre of Excellence that provides platform for students and faculty to share knowledge.


  • To promote research in the emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  •  To enhance skills of faculty and students in using recent machine learning software for solving practical problems.
  • To build Automated solutions to the problems related to Computer vision, Robotics, Cognitive Science, Natural Language Processing and video analytics
  • To provide technical support for students and faculty in projects related to AI and ML


  •  Students and Faculty could enhance their expertise in the area of AI & ML.
  • Students were able to participate and crack the national level hackathons
  • Prototypes were developed using AI & ML.
  • Students were able to take up their major / mini projects.

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