BrighTex Bio-Photonics is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and is dedicated to advancing skin care research through quantitative image analysis, reproducible high-resolution 2D photography and ultra-high resolution 3D models. Our analysis and imaging platform is made possible by our extensive patent granted algorithms for skin and facial detection.


Nature of work: Developing Applications/Algorithms for Mobile, Web and Windows. Cloud computing,


Artificial Intelligence in Macro & Micro 3D Metrology in the areas of skin analysis and wafer defect detection.


Using our cutting edge knowledge of physics optics and math we are able to train our machine learning A.I. to find and categorize everything from a pore on the skin down to a particle on a semi conductor. With our machine learning we can construct accurate 3D models. Using our 3D model viewer you can place virtual measurement tools on our models and measure real world distances on a virtual object. When combined with our powerful machine learning algorithms we can measure and grade any objects such as crow’s feet or line widths on a semi conductor automatically without any human intervention. Once you set up a template for the object or objects you want to measure data will be obtained automatically and display in your industries standard format.


BTBP – GNITS academy of Artificial Intelligence is established in 2013 in collaboration with GNITS at the campus.

The primary objective of the BTBP & GNITS is to set up a joint Artificial Intelligence laboratory at GNITS to provide a platform for exploiting state of art technology, providing technical training development of intellectual property and providing facilities for the development of products and solutions.

BTBP – GNITS academy of Artificial Intelligence Activities:

Students Programs

  • Internships

  • Academic Project sponsorship

  • Job Recruitment

  • Technology Introduction Seminars & Workshops

  • Application Live Testing Experience

Faculty Programs

  • Faculty Development workshops

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Research Project 1: Title & Description

    • Title : Automatic early detection of Eye diseases using Machine Learning Techniques

    • Scope & Nature of the services:

      • Building dataset in mobile space.

      • Implement machine learning algorithms for automatic detection of eye diseases and classify severity.

      • Evaluate and analyze the performance of machine learning techniques in terms of accuracy.

      • Analyze the future risks using predictive analytics.

  • Research project 2:
  • Title : Early Stress Detection using facial expression

  • Scope & Nature of the services:

    • Building dataset of facial images in classroom environment and identify the students under different moods.

    • Design algorithms to identify the stress levels and mood classification.

Projects undertaken in collaboration:

  • TrackBio Attendance system pilot project between BTBP and GNITS

  • Clarity Digital Platform Skin Advisor Application

    • A digital skin analysis and Virtual Treatment App which can do facial skin analysis, recommend treatments and products for Skincare & Beauty. It can also simulate aging transformation with facial skin features such as Wrinkles, Spots, Redness, Acne, etc.,

    • URL:

  • Derm Application

    • This App is used to morph facial features & adjust skin health in Real-time to beautify face. This Application will be helpful for cosmetic surgeons to visualize the after effects of the surgery.