Composition with members details

Composition of the Committee:

  1. The composition of committee comprises of two Coordinators, faculty members and student members.
  2. Coordinators are one from ETE department and the other from ECE department and they are alumnae of our college.
  3. Faculty members are from CSE, ECE, EEE, ETE, IT departments and they are also alumnae of our college.
  4. One faculty member from H & M department.
  5. Student members are selected from 3rd and final years of each department.


  • P. Sreesudha, Asst. Prof, ETM, Co-ordinator
  • P. Madhuri, Asst, Prof, ECE, Co-coordinator

Faculty Members

  • P. Sunitha Devi, Asst. Prof., CSE
  • M. Lalitha, Asst. Prof., CSE
  • J. Padmavathi,Asst. Prof., CSE
  • B. Geetha Kumari, Asst. Prof., CSE
  • M. Anusha, Asst. Prof., CSE
  • B.Amrita, Asst. Prof, CSE
  • L. Bhumika, Programmer, CSE
  • M. Madhuri Latha, Asst. Prof., ECE
  • P. Sri Padma, Asst. Prof., ECE
  • K. Swathi, Asst. Prof., ECE
  • G. Madhavi,Asst. Prof., ECE
  • E.V.S.S.Vyshnavi, Asst. Prof., ECE
  • G. Ujwala, Asst. Prof., EEE
  • Y. Priyanka, Asst. Prof., EEE
  • G. Sujatha, Asst. Prof., EEE
  • T Himabindu, Asst. Prof., EEE
  • A. Naveena, Asst. Prof., ETE
  • M. Jyothsna, Asst. Prof., ETE
  • K. Pranathi, Asst. Prof., ETE
  • L. Smitha, Asst. Prof., IT
  • G. Santoshi, Asst. Prof., IT
  • V. Jahnavi, Senior Asst. Prof., H & M

Student Members

S.No. Department Year/Section Roll No Name of the Student
1 CSE III-A 19251A0504 Shivani Reddy
2 CSE III-B 19251A0599 M Sathwika
3 CSE III-C 20255A0515 Kuchana Shalini
4 CSE IV-A 18251A0522 B Harshitha
5 CSE IV-B 18251A0561 Aakifah Batool
6 CSE IV-C 18251A05H4 K Sravani
7 ECE III-A 19251A0423 K.Priyanka
8 ECE III-B 19251A0496 P.Mounika
9 ECE III-C 19251A04E3 M.Kavya
10 ECE IV-A 18251A0438 E.Manichandana
11 ECE IV-B 18251A0492 Ayushi Benerjee
12 ECE IV-C 18251A04G7 M.Padmasree
13 EEE III-A 19251A0252 Fareedashaik
14 EEE III-B 19251A02A1 P Priyanka
15 EEE IV-A 18251A0237 Jannet Angela
16 EEE IV-B 17251A091 B Gautami
17 ETE III 19251A1746 Abhigna Nadupalli
18 ETE IV 18251A1707 Fareeha Hameed
19 IT III-A 19251A1226 Soni Mahalaxmi
20 IT III-B 20255A1208 K.Keerthi
21 IT IV-A 18251A1247 K.Pranitha
22 IT IV-B 18251A12C0 Y.Amulya