The faculty are involved in quality research contributions and consultancy activities. The R&D Cell defines the policies to ensure transparency among GNITIANS involved in research and consultancy service and each individual should follow the rules and regulations pertinent to research and consultancy policy.

GNITS Consultancy policy includes all disciplines of engineering, humanities and basic sciences. Faculty are permitted to collaborate with industry and academy with national and international organizations to explore opportunities and establish infrastructure/conducting research in multidisciplinary area.


To motivate individuals and inculcate multi-disciplinary research and innovative thinking to work in collaborating industry.


  1. To create awareness on evolving technologies and industrial standards for products.
  2. Strengthen industry institute interaction.
  3. Create opportunities for students to work on research and industrial projects.
  4. Generate innovative ideas on societal problems.

The objectives of R & D cell towards consultancy are listed below.

  1. To motivate students to develop innovative research ideas and support them in technology development.
  2. Protect the innovations from students and faculty through IPR and establish industry contacts to promote technology transfer.
  3. Generate funds from private and government organizations through research activities.
  4. Provide scope for under graduate and post graduate students to work on latest evolving technologies with industry standards.

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