Faculty Innovations in T& L

Faculty Innovations in Teaching & Learning

  • Use of Web links : A set of web links about online resources depicting the video demonstrations and animated illustrations have been identified and utilized as teaching and learning supplements. These online resources are included in the curriculum content books, which are distributed to all the students.

  • Follow-up of Students: There is follow-up of Weak students who score less in mid exams. Extra classes are planned for the students.

  • Tools used in Teaching: Following tools are used in teaching and laboratory to understand the theoretical concepts.

Communications : Matlab, LabVIEW, NetSim

Circuits & VLSI: Multisim, Xilinx ISE, Vivado Design Suite

Antenna Design: HFSS, Antenna pattern measurement

Signal Processing: MATLAB, Code composer studio, Texas instrument Boards

Microprocessors: Keil uVision, TASM

Student Involvement in learning latest hardware/software: Students are encouraged to learn softwares like C, Java, Python, MATLAB, LabVIEW. Hands –on sessions are also planned using hardware like Texas Instrument Launch Pads, Raspberry Pi , Arduino , 2×2 MIMO, Vector Network Analyser, Intel Realsense depth camera D435i , LiDAR, NVidia Jetson Board, GPS Receiver. Further students are encouraged to participate in Paper presentation contest, Quizes, Hackathons, Industrial Visits, technical seminars, group discussions etc. by conducting events in Dept Technical Associations.