Hour of Medhomadhan

Hour of Medhomadhan

GNITS has been wide spreading research in various fields. The college established various research centers to cater to the needs of research activities of faculty and students. College has Institutional membership with various professional bodies like ISTE, IEI, CSI, IEEE and IETE. Our Management encourages and provide funds for research activities done by both faculty and students, in order to foster a spirit of investigation and analysis.

Hour of Medhomadhan is an initiative of CSE Department, provides a platform for faculty to share their knowledge and explore new technology used for research. Based on faculty areas of interest and their research, teams were formed like IoT, Cloud Computing, CN & Cyber Security, Big Data & Data Science, AI & ML and NLP & Data Mining. Every Saturday during Hour of Medhomadhan, faculties actively participate in discussion of proposal preparation/ challenges in various domains of research and way to address these issues. Members explore technology developments presented in reputed publications, seminars and conferences worldwide and present their findings in respective areas of specialization.


Discussion on project “Health Care Monitoring system with IoT and Cloud” by Mr.T.Anil, Assistant Professor.

Awareness on “Quality paper publications” by Dr.D.V.Lalita Parameswari,Sr.Assistant Professor and Dr.G Malini Devi,Assistant Professor .

” A New Term Weight Measure for Gender Prediction in Author Profiling” published in Springer Publications by Mrs.Ch.Swathi,Assistant Professor.’

Demo on “Phishing Attacks under Cyber security” by Mrs.D.Naga Swetha,Assistant Professor.