During the last 21 years, the department has established well equipped laboratories: Basic Simulation Lab, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab, Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Analog & Digital Communications Lab and an exclusive Advanced Telecommunications Lab, Computer Networks Lab, Wireless and Mobile Communications Lab , Adhoc Wireless Networks Lab , Advanced Communication System Lab, Wireless Sensor Networks Lab. Simulation lab has been established with 33 systems and are networked. The department has five physical laboratory: Communications Laboratory, Simulation Laboratory , Analog Circuits Laboratory , Digital Circuits Laboratory , R&D/Project Laboratory . The department has spent a substantial amount for procuring useful software packages such as Netsim, MATLAB, Multisim, Kiel, N-Sim. L-SIM, TASM and MASM.

Advanced Telecommunications Lab is equipped with major equipment like Digital Automatic Telephone Exchange, Crossbar Switch, PSTN Switch, Voice over Internet Protocol kit, ISDN Trainer, LAN Trainer, LAN Simulator Software, Network Simulator Software.

Computer Networks lab is used for conducting experiments on different topologies, routing protocols, congestion algorithms of computer networks. Netsim software is used in the lab.


Adhoc Wireless Networks lab is used for conducting experiments on different topologies, routing protocols, congestion algorithms of adhoc wireless networks. Software like NS2, Wireshark are being used in this lab. This lab is also procured with SDR kit.

Wireless Sensor Networks Lab has wide range of equipment including libelium IoT evaluation kit. This IoT kit has different sensor motes and different sensors which can be used to do various applications in the field of agriculture, smart city, smart environment, smart things etc. This lab also has facility for doing labview experiments. Several arduino based experiments are also being conducted in this lab

Laboratories & Areas

Name of the Laboratory Floor Area (in Sq.m) Total Cost
Communication Laboratory

(Advanced Telecommunications Lab, Analog & Digital Communications Lab)



Analog Circuits Laboratory (Electronic Circuits Lab , Analog Circuits Lab, Analog Electronics Lab (EEE))



Simulation Laboratory

(Basic Simulations Lab, Computer Networks Lab, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Electronic Circuit Design Lab)



Digital Circuits Laboratory (Digital System Design Lab, Analog Circuits Lab (Software), Digital Signal Processing Lab, Digital Electronics Lab (EEE))



Wireless Communication Networks Laboratory & Project Laboratory ( Wireless & Mobile Communications Lab, Adhoc Wireless Networks Lab , Advanced Communication System Lab , Wireless Sensor Networks Lab, R&D)



Communications Laboratory

Analog  Circuits Laboratory

Simulation Laboratory

M.Tech. Project Laboratory

Digital Circuits Laboratory