GNITS Alumnae are invited for the Alumnae Meet – TU TURNO -2023 

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EDITION 6  (December 2023)

EDITION 5  (December 2022)

EDITION 4  (January 2022)

EDITION 3  (January 2021)

EDITION 2  (January 2020)

EDITION 1  (January 2019)


The purpose of the University Student Alumni Association is to promote the interests of and understanding between the students of the past, present, and future at University. This will be accomplished through the programs and services offered by the organization and in joint efforts with the University Alumni Association. Effective and responsible leadership will be developed through contact and experience in university projects and programs, thereby enhancing the education of the students and preparing them to serve as future Alumni leaders.


The Alumni Association of GNITS was formed in the month of Dec.2004. The association is named as ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF GNITS. The get together of this Alumnus usually takes place every year in the month of early January.

The main objectives behind forming this Alumni Association are:

  1. To encourage the members to take active interest in the activities and progress of the Alma Mater.
  2. To bring the alumni together to keep them in contact with each other as well as with the Alma Mater.
  3. To promote and support technological planning, research and development.
  4. To promote career guidance, interaction with industry and continuing education.
  5. To foster relationship between the alumni and the present students.
  6. To get participation of alumni in the developmental activities of the college
  7. To develop Industry Institute Interaction through alumni members.
  8. To improve placement opportunities for fellow alumni and fresh graduates.
  9.  To provide guest lectures on academic as well as industry trends to the present batch of students with a view to exchange the latest developments in the field of Engineering and Technology.


Alumni provide direct support to the Alumni Association and its programs through the Sustaining Membership Program. Sustaining members help fund club activities and mailings, young Alumni events, student recruitment, and leadership conferences.

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