Student Activity Centre (IEEE)


IEEE Student Branch and Women in Engineering – Affinity Group

                                         (Advancing Technology for Humanity)

IEEE Student Membership Details

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),  is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advance technological innovation and excellence for benefit of humanity.

Executive Committee – 2019-20

Dr.K.Ramesh Reddy, Principal

IEEE Student branch Advisor 

Dr. R.Balasubramanian, Professor, EEE

IEEE Student Counselor: 

Dr. N. Malla Reddy, Prof. & HOD., EEE

Dr. Renuka Devi S M, Professor, ECE

Dr.D.V.Lalitha Parameshwari, Sr.Asst.Prof.,CSE

Department Coordinators

Mrs. P.Tejaswi, Asst. Professor, EEE

Mrs. P.Keerthi Chandrika, Asst. Professor, CSE

Mrs.M.Bhavani, Asst. Professor, IT

Ms.G.Swetha, Asst.Professor, ETM

Ms. G.Madhavi, Asst. Prof, ECE

Dr.B.Sushma, Asst. Prof.,H&M

Ms.I.Radhika, Asst.Prof.,BS

Student Committee

Ms. Nara Yamini, SB Chair

Ms.M Dheekshitha, SB Vice chair

Ms.Soumya,SB Secretary

Ms. D Snehitha, SB Treasurer

Ms. M.Nikitha, SB Treasurer

SB Public relations Chair person

Ms. A.S.Sai Aishwarya
Ms. M. Yahika Reddy
Ms. I.Fatima







IEEE SB GNITS Events during  lockdown

S.No. Event details
1 Organised an webinar on IEEE  digital Xplorer: Efficient Search & Resources on 16-4-2020 Details
2 Completion of Free IEEE Courses at IEEE digital library Xplorer  on 10-4-2020 Details
3. IEEE SB GNITS has conducted three events during quarantine period as follows(on 5-5-2020):

1)      Content Writing: Encourage students in their  writing skills..

Topics:  a. The role and responsibilities of a student post COVID19

b. Technical ideas to save world from COVID19  

2) Poster Making(on 5-5-2020): The IEEE-GNITS branch is giving you an opportunity to showcase your poster making skills

3) Event ideas(on 5-5-2020) : Come up with new ideas and sometimes they even change the world.

4 IEEE SB GNITS Conducted Online quiz on AWARENESS of Covid-18, and free resources (26-5-2020). 49 Students participated in the quiz Report
5. Conducted Online webinar on IEEE Membership benefits  on 5th Sept 2020


IEEE Student Branch GNITS – Events Conducted Academic Year 2019-20

Sl No. Event Name Date Report
1. Cloud Computing Hands-on 3-8-19 Report
2. IEEE Membership drive 21-8-19 Report
3. Two day Workshop on ‘Arduino Interfacing Hands-on’ 2-11-19 & 3-11-19. Report
4. Smart Search with IEEE Xplore Hands-on 16-12-2019 Report
5. One-day Workshop on “Women in Entrepreneurship & Career Opportunities” in association with IEEE HydSec & IEEE WiE AG 21-1-2020 Report



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