Sports and Fit India Committee

Faculty Coordinators

 Dr. A. Alakanandana, Assoc. Prof. BS


Faculty Members

 Mr. T. V. Ram Mohan Reddy,  HOD-Civil

Mr.  A. Bhimasankaram,  Asst. Prof.,  IT

Mr.  Ch. Sudarshan Reddy,  Asst. Prof.,  CSE

Mr.  Ch. Leela Krishna,  Asst. Prof.,  EEE

Mrs.  K. Swathi, Asst.Prof., ECE

Mrs.  V. Anitha,  Asst. Prof.,  ETE

Mrs.  S. Vasundhara,  Asst. Prof.,  HM


Roles & Responsibilities of committee members


Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  •  To ensure the healthy environment for conducting various sports and games in the college premises.
  • To organize the meetings of the committee to discuss various issues related to planning and organization of different sports events and achievements.
  • To organize and motivate the students to actively participate in intra and inter college level sports and games competitions.
  • Approach the government organizations to get grants in sports/gymnasium etc..


Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty member

  •  To prepare a schedule for conducting various sports and games in the college premises.
  • To conduct various sports and games in intra and inter college level.
  • To coordinate the initiation of coaching camps for different games and sports.
  • To plan and conduct the Yoga and other physical activity programs periodically.


Roles & Responsibilities of Student member

  •  To identify interested students in sports and games.
  • To coordinate various sports events/ competitions in their smooth conduct at the college.
  • To provide guidance to class Sports representatives to ensure the completion of various assigned responsibilities during sports events/fests at the college.
  • To motivate the students for effective participation in Yoga, sports and games for wellness.
  • To Promote various health and competition-oriented fitness programs planned in the college among the students.