Students’ Council

Faculty Advisors:
Ch Ganapathy Reddy, Professor, ECE
Dr M Aparna, Associate Prof, HM

Functions of the students’ council:

Identify & forward all kinds of students’ problems in the college to the respective committees through Principal. Meeting will be conducted at least once in a semester.
Committee’s composition: Two senior faculty members one of the rank of Professor and the other of the rank of Associate Professor will act as Faculty Advisors. In addition, there will be five student representatives as per the following guidelines:
1. One President from Final year
2. Two Vice-Presidents from Final year
3. Secretary & Joint Secretary from third year.

Selection process & Tenure:

The faculty advisors will be nominated by the Principal. The student representatives will be selected based on their performance by the faculty advisors on rotation basis covering all the branches in the college. The tenure of the faculty advisors is 3 years and that of student representatives will be one year.

Roles and Responsibilities:

On behalf of the class, all the CRs and ICRs of all the classes of all branches will attend the meetings and raise any kind of problems in the meeting. These problems will then be categorized and forwarded to the concerned committees through Principal for further processing and necessary steps.

A.Y 2021-22

A.Y 2020-21