Tejass Committee (EEE)

Faculty Members

Mrs. P. Mamta, Asst. Prof, EEE

Mr. V. Badri RamaKrishna, Asst. Prof., EEE

Roles and Responsibilities


The role of the chairman is to select and approve the faculty advisors and student members of the committee.

  • Presides at meeting of the committee to maintain regular contact with faculty advisors and student members.
  • To approves all event communication.

Faculty advisor

  • To Select the Student committee members for TEJASS to Plan, coordinates, and manage meetings to conduct smooth
  • To encourage and engage students in creative activities, technical skills and leadership skills.
  • Ensures the completion of event reports or circulars.
  • Maintains regular contact with the chairman, keep informed about the activities and seeks necessary permissions when required.

Student advisor

  • Handles all the activities of M.Tech students.
  • Provides necessary suggestions to the President.


The president of TEJASS holds a position of responsibility of all the technical and non-technical events. The president must be determined

  • To plan and carry out the events of the TEJASS throughout the academic year.
  • To maintain a good connection with the
  • To Look for innovative ways to carry forward the events.

VICE President

  • Presides at meetings in the absence of the
  • Maintains regular contact with the President & provides mentorship to new
  • Handles the communication among all the members and ensures their
  • Takes timely inputs, provides regular updates and takes the approval of the Faculty advisor and president.


  • Handles and keeps records of the events.
  • Maintains a database of all the student members including email, contact  information.
  • Takes charge of delegating team formations as per approved requirements of the committee.
  • Maintains a club activity calendar which includes events and other activities with date and time.
  • Provides or coordinates information on forthcoming events to the Faculty advisors, President and Vice President.

Joint Secretary

  • Assists the Secretary and maintains regular contact with them for smooth activities
  • Presents the records of the event in the absence of the
  • Informs the Secretary of future plans and activities deadlines for future
  • Engages with the Treasures & Executive member.


  • Maintains a database of all the TEJASS members and handles social media.
  • Publicizes TEJASS activities through social media.
  • Maintains a list of events and participation statistics throughout the
  • Does adequate research on events outside the institution to execute fresh and innovative

Executive Members and Social Media Handlers

  • Handles documentation and Photographs to ensures proper storage of the
  • Stays in loop with the Treasurer and secretary to ensure smooth conduction of events or Activities.