Texas Instruments IoT Innovation


TI IoT Innovation Lab has been established on 11/01/2018 to create an ecosystem of innovation where students across all disciplines can meet to be creative and in technical skills. This lab has microcontrollers of 16-bit and 32-bit RISC-based, mixed signal processors designed for ultra-low power applications.

Also the ECE Dept has Signal and Image Processing accessories like Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder , Logitech Web camera, Finger print sensor R305 BMES devices, IoT Arduino board with 10 sensors. These are used for audio/ image processing projects related to speech and image processing.

ECE Student Hackathon Achievements:

Sl.No. Names of Students Name of Project Prizes Event
1. A. Sai Naga Rekha (15251A0462),

C. Harika (15251A0464),

Gopu Vedika (15251A04A1),

Kota Akshitha (15251A04A8),

Illuru Sahithya (15251A04B8)

Silent Heart Attack Detector First Prize (prize amount Rs.17 Lakhs) Aegon International 24-hour Health and Wealth 24-hr Hackathon for the prototype “” on 19th Sept. 2018 at Bombay
2 A. Sai Naga Rekha (15251A0462), Cherukupalli Harika (15251A0464), Gopu Vedika (15251A04A1),

Kota Akshitha (15251A04A8),

Illuru Sahithya (15251A04B8)

Smart water meter Public Choice Award TELANGANA STATE  SMART CITY HACKATHON
3. D. Swathi (16241A04D3),

Y.Srinidhi (16251A0589),

G.Aneela (16251A0581),

Railway Track Fault Detector Selected for Quarterfinals Round

(Contest in progress)

DST and Texas Instruments Inc. India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2018 (IIDC)
4. D. Swathi (16241A04D3),

Y.Srinidhi (16251A0589),

G.Aneela (16251A0581),

SPUR Points First prize (prize amount Rs 50000) Ignitron –Buisess Plan Competition VJIM ON Smart Ideas for Smart Cities


5 G.Maneesha(ECE)


T.Tejaswini (ECE)

S.K.Naseem (CSE)


Rice blasts


2nd prize Rs10000/- Indian Institute of

Rice Research Hackathon on 9th and 10th Feb 2019

6 N Yamini(ECE)

B.Sai Aparna(ECE)

B Bhavya Sree(ECE)

G Bhavya Sree (ECE)


Smart Village Won best project idea Robotics-Expo – Part of Women in Robotics, Phase -3, conducted under IEEE WIE Affinity Group


1) Conducted Hands on Session for two days from 10/01/2019 to 11/01/2019 on Mentor Graphics Hep 1,2 by CoreEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

2) Conducted FDP for four days from 11/12/2018 to 14/12/2018 on Embedded System Design using TI Micro-Controller in association with Edgate TechnologiesPvt Ltd.

3) Conducted Training Session for two days from 13/12/2018 to 14/12/2018 on MATLAB from Capricort Technologies.

4) Conducted demo in MATLAB connecting to hardware by Capricort Technologies on 7/1/2019.