Timetable Committee

Faculty Coordinators

Mr M.,V.Ramana Reddy, Assoc. Prof. Mechanical


Faculty Members

Mrs R.Swapna, Assoc. Prof., ECE

Mr B.Srikanth Reddy, Asst. Prof. ECE

Mrs.B.Narmada, Asst. Prof., EEE

Mrs K.Priyamvada, Asst. Prof. EEE

Mrs Bhageshwari Ratkal, Asst. Prof., CSE

Mrs R.Pallavi Reddy, Asst. Prof. CSE

Mrs. U.Jyothi, Asst.Prof., IT

Mrs M.Deepthi, Asst. Prof. IT

Mrs V.Anitha, Asst. Prof., ETE

Mrs N.Hiranmayi, Asst. Prof. Mechanical

Dr.S.Vasundhara, Asst. Prof., Mathematics

Mrs B.R.Lakshmi, Asst. Prof. English

Mrs T.Malathi Latha, Asst. Prof. Mgt. Sci.

Dr.A.Alakanandana, Assoc.Prof., Physics

Mrs M.Shanthi, Asst. Prof. Chemistry

K.Syamala Devi, Asst. Prof. Env. Sci.


Roles and responsibilities of timetable committee

  • Consultation with principal and head of the departments for preparation of the timetable for each semester and for each class.
  • To conduct timetable committee meeting with timetable committee departmental in charges.
  • To prepare individual class timetable and individual faculty timetables (work load) so that if any class work adjustments within the faculty can be done smoothly.
  • To update timetable time to time
  • To Inform teachers well in advanced regarding changes in time table.
  •  To report to principal & HOD regarding any discrepancy in time table.
  •  To be authorised by the head of the department and principal.