Website Committee

 Faculty Coordinators

 Dr.M.Seetha, HOD-CSE,   Professor Incharge       

Mr T.Rajesh, Asst. Prof. CSE,  Web Master      


 Faculty Members

 Mr N.Venkateswarulu, Asst. Prof. CSE

Dr.Renuka Methre, Assoc. Prof. ECE

Dr.B.Ravichandra Rao, Asst. Prof., EEE

Dr.Ch.Ramesh, Asst. Prof. IT

Dr.A.Naveena,  Asst. Prof., ETE

Mrs VB Sangeehta,  Asst. Prof. HM

Dr.S.Uday bhaskar, Asst.Prof., BS

Mrs D.Niharika, Asst. Prof. Mechanical

Dr.K.Bharatha Lakshmi Devi, Librarian

Dr MVL Surya Kumari, PD


Roles  & Responsibilities

  • To update information in all its forms in GNITS.
  • To display banners and posters about various events at department level as well as college level.
  • To provide required guidance for the needy students.
  • To provide latest news and updates.
  • To provide Examination related matters.
  • Awareness creation & spreading.
  • Examination information like results , notifications and updates regularly to the students.
  • Provide latest news and updates regularly to the society as well as needy people.
  • Regular monitoring all through the academic year.
  • Ease of accessibility.
  • Public relations.
  • Immediate response to the complaints.