B.Tech CSE (AI & ML) with intake of 60 started in 2020 and intake increased to 120 from 2023 onwards. The department of CSE(AI & ML) provides the budding engineers with a spectacular array of courses dedicated to frontiers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) with a foundation of Computer Science and Engineering. The 4-year full-time program presents exposure to hands-on technologies to create applications and solutions for the real-world business and societal problems.

With a huge explosion in data and its applications, a career in the field of AI&ML can be very promising as Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist, AI Data Analyst, AI Engineer, Robotics Scientist, etc. These graduates have good opportunities in research and reputed industries like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, etc. that relies on business that is adaptive to human needs and resource availability.