R&D Cell

G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science for women aims in moulding the women technocrats. Research and Development cell was established at GNITS to inculcate research and innovative skills among faculty and students. R&D Cell provides a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish young minds in organization. Innovative breakthroughs will happen only because of painstaking efforts of R&D. The college has 39 doctorates who are supporting the research activities through guiding … research scholars. Nearly 50 research scholars from various departments are actively contributing towards the development of technology in various domains of engineering and science. The organization provides SEED amount to facilitate basic common research infrastructure for individuals to execute collaborative work. Various departments at GNTIS share two common platforms, one that transforms ideas to innovations in I-Cell  and the other contributing major research through technological transformations in R&D Cell.


To motivate individuals and inculcate multi-disciplinary research and innovative thinking to work in collaborating industry.


  1. To create awareness on evolving technologies and industrial standards for products.
  2. Strengthen industry institute interaction.
  3. Create opportunities for students to work on research and industrial projects.
  4. Generate innovative ideas on societal problems.

Objectives of R&D:

  • To create advanced laboratory facilities and inculcate research interest among the students and faculty, together help the advanced technological development to meet the societal needs
  • To enhance the industry – institute relationship and aid the better product development in quality at reduced cost.
  • To pave the way for the utilisation of new corners of science to invent new or alternate technology and healthy solutions to the society at large, particularly to protect the public health and environment.
  • To facilitate and encourage the quality publications of the research work and share the results to the entire research community.
  • To build relationships through of MOUs for long term relationships with national and international research organisations and industries for widening the scope of research options and funding opportunities for faculty and students.
  • To develop, prescribe and administer rules and regulations to ensure the compliance of all researchers to the research quality assurance framework and the research code.