R&D Cell

Research and Development

Research and Development cell is proactive at GNITS to inculcate research and innovative skills among faculty and students. It helps to ensure that research efforts are aligned with NEP 2020 to establish strong research ecosystem to foster broader objectives, promote collaboration, maintain quality and ethics, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the well-being of society to achieve Innovative breakthroughs by painstaking efforts of R&D. Collaboration with different government and non-government institutes eventually lead to several MoUs, interdisciplinary research, sharing of resources, and the development of innovative solutions to complex problems. At GNITS, there are 15 Center of Excellences in collaboration with various Government agencies/Industries and 15 Research Centers where the faculty members and students are actively involved building solutions to various problems through projects in cutting edge research areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Electric Vehicles, 4G/5G Communications, Virtual and Mixed Reality and Cyber security. They are facilitated to interact with industry and research communities to enhance knowledge and contribute for technology development for the benefit of society and moulding the women technocrats in STEM. GNITS has 3 Research centres recognized by JNTUH under the departments of CSE/IT/EEE/ECE/ETE.


To promote the research culture, GNITS organizes International conferences in association with recognised bodies of national importance and reputed publishers like Springer proceedings to maintain the standards. College has 76 Doctorates and 25 are recognized as supervisors from various universities like JNTUH, OU, KLEF, VIT University etc. 44 scholars were awarded Ph.D. and 41 scholars are pursuing Ph.D. under the guidance of the supervisors from the college for the academic years from 2018-19 to 2023-24. Faculty published good number of scientific and technical publications 823 and 659 in number in high impact International, National Journals and Conferences/ Book Chapters including book publications respectively.

With the encouragement from management through SEED funding, 120.42 lakhs of SEED grant facilitated faculty to be active in research and consultancy activities. The faculty and students are proactively carrying out research and 90 research projects are sanctioned under various government and non-government agencies in the last 5 years. GNITS received an amount of Rs.1187 lakhs from various government agencies like AICTE, DST, Government of India, etc. during the last 5 academic years. With the state of art infrastructure provided to faculty, collaboration with different external technical and non-technical bodies and promotion of interdisciplinary activities, 80 research proposals are submitted, 57 patents are published out of which 9 are granted.

MiraiNxt, an initiative of GNITS innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship is started in 2021 to support acceleration for start-ups and hand-holding future development in Deeptech, Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech and sustainable impact verticals.

As an outcome GNITS has been granted ATAL Incubation centre by Govt. of India in association with NITI AYOG with a funding of 10 crores. The construction for the AIC has been started with the total of 30,000 Sq.mt. ATAL Innovation Mission (AIM) is the Government of India’s endeavor to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship as a platform for the promotion of world-class Innovation Hubs, Grand Challenges, Start-up businesses, and other self-employment activities.


To motivate individuals and inculcate multi-disciplinary research and innovative thinking to work in collaborating industry.


  1. To create awareness on evolving technologies and industrial standards for products.
  2. Strengthen industry institute interaction.
  3. Create opportunities for students to work on research and industrial projects.
  4. Generate innovative ideas on societal problems.

Objectives of R&D:

  • To create advanced laboratory facilities and inculcate research interest among the students and faculty, together help the advanced technological development to meet the societal needs
  • To enhance the industry – institute relationship and aid the better product development in quality at reduced cost.
  • To pave the way for the utilisation of new corners of science to invent new or alternate technology and healthy solutions to the society at large, particularly to protect the public health and environment.
  • To facilitate and encourage the quality publications of the research work and share the results to the entire research community.
  • To build relationships through of MOUs for long term relationships with national and international research organisations and industries for widening the scope of research options and funding opportunities for faculty and students.
  • To develop, prescribe and administer rules and regulations to ensure the compliance of all researchers to the research quality assurance framework and the research code.

Research Advisory Committee 


Name Designation Department


1 Dr. K. Ramesh Reddy Principal EEE Chairman
2 Dr. M. Seetha Professor, Dean R&D CSE Dean, R&D
3 Dr. K. Prasanna Associate Professor CSE(AI&ML) R&D Coordinator
4 Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju Professor, CSE, JNTUHCEJ, Jagityal External Advisory Member
5 Dr. G. Prasad Scientist F, ISRO External Advisory Member
6 Shri E Siva Shankar Head, Water Resources group, NRSC Hyd. External Advisory Member
7 Dr. D.V. Lalitha Parameshwari Associate Professor CSE Member
8 Dr. B. Sashidhar Asst. Prof CSE(AI&ML) Member
9 Mr. N. Siva Shankar Asst. Prof CSE(AI&ML) Member
10 Dr. V. Supriya Assoc. Prof IT Member
11 Dr. Swapna Raghunath Professor ECE Member
12 Dr. R. Nageshwar Rao Professor EEE Member
13 Dr. M. Vijayalaksmi Assoc. Prof ETE Member
14 Dr. S. Vasundhara Asst. Prof H&M Member
15 Dr. Pragathi Jogi Asst. Prof BS Member
16 Mrs. P.M.S. Hallika Asst. Prof Mech Member

R&D Student Committee 

S.No. Name Roll. No. Year, Branch &Section Designation
1 B. Varshini 20251A0593 IV CSE President
2 Y Sai Raja Varshitha 20251A6629 IV CSM Vice President
3 Buddolu Vaishnavi 21251A0406 III ECE Secretary
4 Hima varsha Salana 20251A05E3 IV CSE Publications
5 B. Poojitha 21251A0503 III CSE R&D Activities
6 G. Rakshitha 21251A6613 III CSM R&D Activities
7 Kavya Panchati 21251A6717 III CSD Patents
8 Mahevish Fatima 21255A6702 IV CSD Patents
9 Jyoshna Billa 20251A0226 IV EEE Publications
10 J. Eesha 21251A0238 III EEE R&D Activities
11 Arushi Sreekumar 20251A0432 IV ECE Publications
12 G. Divya 21251A1221 III IT Social media coordinator
13 Nallapu Rishitha 20251A12B4 IV IT R&D Projects
14 T. Sowmya 20251A1724 IV ETE R&D Projects
15 Mutyapu Sravanthi 20251A1750 III ETE Social media coordinator