Anti Ragging

About the Committee

In pursuance to the guidelines from State Govt., UGC, JNTUH and AICTE, the Anti Ragging Committee (ARC) has been constituted in GNITS to prevent ragging in all its forms to provide a safe and congenial environment for the students.

Members of the Committee

The ARC has been constituted with the following faculty members and student representatives:  

SI.No Name Designation Position
01 Dr. K.Ramesh Reddy Principal Chairman
02 Prof. Gadicherla Gopinath Professor, EEE Nodal Officer
03 Prof. Ch.Ganapathy Reddy Professor, ECE Advisor
04 Mrs. P.Sunitha Devi Asst. Prof., CSE Member
05 Dr. S.Vasundhara Asst. Prof., HM Member
06 Dr. T.Surya Prakash Asst. Prof., EEE Member
07 Mrs. Ch.Sravanthi Asst. Prof., IT Member
08 Mrs. K.Sarada Asst. Prof., ETM Member
09 Dr. S.Uday Bhasker Asst. Prof., BS Member
10 Ms. N.Hiranmai Asst. Prof., Mech. Member


            S.No Year Name Dep Roll. No Position
01 II G.Lakshmi Priya EEE 20251A0209 Student member
02 Shruthi Sadadi 20251A0290 Student member
03 K Ch Lakshmi ECE 20251A0415 Student member
04 K.SaiVijayaLaxmi 20251A04A0 Student member
05 Udutha Sathwika 20251A04E9 Student member
06 P Shreya CSE 20251A0518 Student member
07 G Sathwika 20251A0567 Student member
08 Karri Keerthi Sri 20251A05D0 Student member
09 Kothakota Neha CSM 20251A6647 Student member
10 Ch Akshita CSD 20251A6706 Student member
11 D Veda Smriti CST 20251A3608 Student member
12 Ergati shirisha IT 20251A1237 Student member
13 Sareddy keerthana 20251A1283 Student member
14 Akshaya Krupa ETE 20251A1707 Student member
15 III N.Sahithya EEE 19251A0243 Student member
16 M Tabassum 19251A0286 Student member
17 V Likitha Reddy ECE 19251A0456 Student member
18 Gujarathi Shalini 19251A0477 Student member
19 G Bhanu Sri 19251A04D4 Student member
20 J Amulya CSE 19251A0528 Student member
21 Aruvanti Sravanthi 19251A0566 Student member
22 P Sai Priya 19251A05G5 Student member
23 Bhagat pratiksha IT 19251A1206 Student member
24 Thumu lohitha 19251A12B4 Student member
25 Sheela Sangeetha ETE 19251A1753 Student member

The COMPOSITION of the committee is made in such a way that one faculty member from each department and one student representative from each section are to be accommodated.



Nodal Officer, ARC, GNITS

Mail id:

Contact number: 9397392152


Aims & Objectives

  • To prevent ragging in all its forms in GNITS.
  • To envisage and propose adequate measures to the college authorities to CURB ragging in the Campus.
  • To provide a safe and congenial environment for the students by instilling confidence in them.
  • To initiate required steps in the Institution as per the instructions received from Director of Technical Education, JNTUH & UGC for their effective implementation.
  • To conduct seminars to bring about awareness among the students.
  • To display banners and posters about ill effects of ragging and the related consequences.
  • To provide required guidance and counselling for the needy students.

Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Awareness creation & spreading.
  2. Conduction of seminars & events ( 1 or 2 per year)
  3. Guidance & counselling as and when needed
  4. Regular monitoring all through the academic year.
  5. Ease of accessibility
  6. Public relations
  7. Immediate response to the complaints


Scope of ARC

The ARC is authorized to recommend stringent action/actions against the guilty in due consultation with the Head of the Institution. In addition to informing parents, the guilty can also be given:

  • Oral warning
  • warning in written form
  • Suspension from classes

Definition of ragging:

Ragging involves abuse, humiliation, or harassment of new entrants or junior students by the senior students. It often takes a malignant form wherein the junior is asked to do all sorts of uncomfortable/objectionable things.

Who can approach Anti Ragging Committee (ARC) for help?

  • Any student of GNITS.

Inquiry Process:

On receipt of a serious complaint related to ragging, the following procedure will be followed:

  • A sub-committee will be formed under the chairmanship of Principal or any another senior faculty member which shall conduct a preliminary enquiry so as to ascertain the facts of the allegations by collecting circumstantial evidences as well as recorded statements of any witness/es including the complainant.
  • The inquiry shall be completed within a period of one week.
  • On completion of the inquiry, the sub-committee shall submit a report of its findings soon after completion of its inquiry.
  • The Principal shall then act upon the recommendations of the sub-committee with an intimation to the parents.

What are the possible actions that can be taken against respondent?

  • Oral or written Warning
  • Written apology/undertaking
  • Suspension from classes
  • Dismissal from Institution
  • Any other relevant actions as deemed fit by the committee

In case a student got ragged, what she should do?

In case of any ragging incident, the aggrieved can:

  1. Approach any member of Anti-Ragging Committee or Nodal Officer or any HOD or Principal.
  2. Lodge her complaint through grievances drop box placed in all departments.
  3. Send an email to nodal officer at

Confidentiality about the identity of the complainant will be maintained if the complainant so desires.