Physical Education

About the Department:

The Department of Physical Education was established in January 2002. It is headed by Dr. M V L  Surya kumari. With tremendous support from the college management and head of the institution excellent infrastructural facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports were developed. The college has been providing a great opportunity to all the students to involve themselves in various activities that include both health related and competition oriented fitness programs. The Department of Physical Education has been organizing various events to motivate students towards regular Physical activities and providing a Platform to showcase their Potential in various sports events.


Objectives of Department:

  The department was established with the following objectives.

  Development of wholesome personality of all the students through their participation in various sports and games.

Development of sports infrastructural facilities.

Preparation of college teams for the inter college and university tournaments in different events.

Organization of Intra college competitions between different departments to provide opportunity for all the students to participate in various sports events.

Organisation of Inter college tournaments at GNITS to motivate students and to develop leadership abilities among students.

 HOD Profile

Dr. M.V.L. Surya Kumari- Head, Department of Physical Education


Dr.M.V.L.Surya Kumari is currently heading the Department of Physical Education at GNITS, Hyderabad with 30 years of accomplished proficiency in teaching and research. She is a Nationals Gold medalist in Athletics and was awarded the first Ph.D. in the area of Physical Education by the Osmania University having carried out her research work at NIN, Hyderabad. She is also a certified Yoga Trainer, Diabetes Therapist from National Yoga University, SVYASA, Benguluru and an Internationally accredited certified Fitness Trainer  from FAB academy (USA). She has more than 25 years teaching experience in the field of Physical Education. Dr .Surya Kumari published/ presented more than 30 research papers in various National/ International Journals and Conferences at USA, Australia, Thailand, UK (London- Pre London Olympic conferences at Glasgow and Cambridge University) and India. She was an invited speaker for Sports nutrition work shop organized at Common wealth Games conducted in 2010 at New Delhi, India. Dr. Surya Kumari  was a member of Board of Studies for MS (Sports Science), JNTU Kakinada and Visiting Professor for the same course.

She guided one Ph.D. scholar in Physical Education from JNTUH. Dr. Surya Kumari is a member of JNTUH Executive sports council and an Advisory committee member of the international federation of Physical Education and Sports sciences. She is an Executive member of National Association of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (NAPESS). She is a recipient of National Eminent Educator Award from IFPESS, Prox-R and D Award in Academics (Physical Education), Outstanding Distinguished Service Award from GNITS and Best Teacher award from Rotaract Club, Hyderabad.  Dr. Surya Kumari  was a member of Board of Studies for MS (Sports Science), JNTU Kakinada and Visiting Professor for the same course.

Eminent Sports Persons visited GNITS


I’m Bhanu Priya Chittoor, a 2009 CSE graduate from GNITS. I’ve been with ADP in Dallas for 11.5 years. During college, I excelled in Throwball and Athletics, fostering teamwork that’s still valuable in my career. GNITS provided ample growth opportunities, and being part of the sports team remains my best decision.

Bhanu Priya Chittoor

Monica Parvataneni

I’m Monica Parvataneni, a 2009 GNITS graduate and Technology Lead at SiriusXM in Dallas. My love for sports blossomed at GNITS, where the focus on well-rounded development through top-notch sports infrastructure shaped me into a compassionate, strong woman, and a versatile team player. Playing for GNITS had a profound impact on me, and I’m grateful for the experience. If you’re seeking a college for holistic growth, GNITS is worth considering.

Through GNITS-Basketball I’ve acquired some qualities no academic subject could ever teach. I’ve learned to get up every time we fall, work in a team and for the team, focusing on strengths and conquering weaknesses, and made some friends I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Post GNITS I got admitted in to San Jose State University, California, where I carried the same values forward.

Spoorthi Alluri

Nagapuri Charitha

I am Nagapuri Charitha(2019-2023) Software Developer at Advance Auto Parts, immensely grateful to GNITS for encouraging an environment that values sports and physical well-being. Being the volleyball captain has not only enhanced my athletic skills but also boosted my confidence and mental resilience. Thank you, GNITS, for the invaluable support in shaping me into a stronger individual both physically and mentally.

I am Pranathi Varma, although I engaged in various sports before college, it was only in college that I first took up basketball. Thanks to the dedicated efforts and unwavering support of Surya Kumari Mam and Ravi Sir, I achieved the unique distinction of being the first individual to represent JNTU Hyderabad in three distinct sports categories at the university level, including Basketball, Handball, and Netball. Under their guidance, I learned the importance of resilience and strength, understanding how to rise after each setback. Being part of a team taught me the value of unity during both highs and lows. The college’s immense support for its sports teams was crucial to our success. Since graduating, I have been with Deloitte for four years, and now I’m fulfilling my dream of pilot training in Canada. The sports community has instilled in me the strength and courage needed to pursue and achieve my aspirations.

Pranathi Varma

Haripirya Malladi