Non Formal Sanskrit Education (NFSE)

Non Formal Sanskrit Education (NFSE), Center

Central Sanskrit University

Dr.S. Vasundhara Coordinator NFSE

    Asst Professor of   Humanities & Mathematics Department

Sanskrit language is the unparalleled treasure of Indian wisdom and culture. The resources preserved in this language are vast and manifold. A large number of Indians desire to learn Sanskrit in order to preserve and project original Indianness. It is essential to fulfil their desire by providing the knowledge of Sanskrit language through the simplest possible method and to make them aware of the knowledge well treasured in Sanskrit. In order to execute this ideal and essential objective by providing the opportunity and facility to those who are desirous to learn Sanskrit, Central Sanskrit University has introduced Non-Formal Sanskrit Education.

‘Non Formal Sanskrit Education (NFSE) Centre’ in GNITS established in the year 2017. The main objective of this centre is to develop research oriented interest among students and to drive innovations based on immense treasure of knowledge existing in our Ancient Sanskrit literature/scriptures.

Under this program different levels of certificate course in Sanskrit language is being offered. So far many  learners have registered for this course and completed different levels. The learners are drawn from a wide cross section of the society including students, Faculty & Staff members of GNITS and a few interested persons from outside with different professionals.

Objectives: In order to execute this ideal and essential objectives by providing the opportunity and facility to those who are desirous to learn Sanskrit, Central .

National level importance of Sanskrit education mentioned by ‘Sanskrit Commission’ was considered while planning for offering ‘Sanskrit education through ODL mode’. One of the objectives of 2nd Sanskrit commission constituted by Government of India is to deliberate on Sanskrit education and promotion of Sanskrit-learning through Distance-Education. The team realized the potential of ODL mode for promoting, popularizing and expanding Sanskrit education not only in India but also outside India. The importance of developing Distance Education in general for higher education is reflected in the order of MHRD dated 29th December 2012. It states that “Every conventional University and institution, including technical and professional ones, to be encouraged to switch over to dual mode of education by offering ODL programmes …

One of the objectives of Sansthan (present Central Sanskrit University) as stated in its MoA/rules includes “To undertake extra mural studies, extension programmes and field outreach activities to contribute to the development of the society”..Thec classes are  taken by Ms. K. Roopa.