Fit India-GNITS

To give a much needed impetus to physical fitness and health of citizens of India, “Fit India Movement” launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India from Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.

An sustainable environment that is enabling for physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual well-being of students and staff (adapted from the Okanagan Charter)
Our Students enjoy a very high level of health; for them healthy lifestyle, practices & wellness is a way of life
By 2022, at least 50% of higher educational institutions implementing core principles/ set standards of Health Promoting Universities

1. Promoting healthy and sustainable policies and planning throughout the Higher Educational Institutions
2. Providing healthy working environments
3. Offering healthy and supportive social environments
4. Establishing and improving primary health care
5. Facilitating personal and social development
6. Ensuring a healthy and sustainable physical environment
7. Encouraging wider academic interest and developments in health promotion
8. Developing links with the community

Physical Education Activities conducted at GNITS under FIT INDIA:

8th International Yoga day celebrations at GNITS

8th International day of Yoga on 21st June 2022 at 9:30 am in the campus in association with Indian women network and Sharmila’s Yoga Zone .

The session was organized by eminent yoga trainers Ms.Sharmila and Ms.Achala Kumar.  Incharge Principal DR.K.RamaLingareddy welcomed the gathering and addressed the participants. Ms.Sharmila addressed the students and made them to realize the importance of yoga especially for teenage girls . She emphasised the need for balanced lifestyle for a stress free, healthy living. The students and staff of GNITS performed Yoga under the Guidance of Ms.Sharmila and her team.  Mrs. G.Srividya Reddy Secretary GNITS thanked and felicitated Ms.Sharmila&Ms.Achala kumar and their team members for accepting our invitation and for organizing the event at GNITS.

The event was jointly organized by Fit India & EBSB Clubs of GNITS as Dr.M.V.L.SuryaKumari as a convener.


Participation of GNITS in the 8th International day of YOGA

Celebrations at parade grounds, Secunderabad on 21st June 2022 at 6am organized by Government of India.  About 90 students  along  with Dr.M.V.L.Suryakumari , Mrs.BhageswariRatkal   & Mrs.Tulasi.


National Webinar on YOGA

 National webinar on yoga for wellness on 12 th june22, from 10 am to 1pm. The Resource persons for the webinar were

  • D.Jyothi, Associate Professor & Dept. Incharge, National Sanskrit University, Tirupati
  • Yogacharya Brij Bhushan Purohit, President IYF/Director Namaste Yoga

The total number of participants were around 150.through the webinar participants have gained the knowledge of different types of breathing techniques,  Yogacharya guruji have given insights on balance of health and happiness in an individual’s life .Also, explained about respiratory process. Dr. D.Jyothi briefed about the importance and benefits of the yoga in women’s life.  Also, she explained about how yoga asana’s can cure or improve health conditions in Women such as PCOD, thyroid etc.

4 – day workshop on Women’s Health

Conducted a four day workshop on “Yoga For Women’s Health” from 14 -17th June 2022, 3pm to 4:30 pm at GNITS Hostel premises as the part of 8th International day of Yoga and Azadi Ka Amruth Mahotsav .

The resource person for the workshop was Yogacharya Brij Bhushan Purohit, President, National Yoga Federation and Namaste Yoga Foundation.

82 students attended this 4-day workshop. The main focus of the workshop was health issues related to women’s health like PCOD, Menstrual disorders. It was well appreciated and benefited by the students. The event was coordinated by fit India committee members.


Positive Engagement of  students in different health, fitness  and Sports  activities at GNITS- 2019-20

The following activities are initiated and implemented by the department of Physical Education to engage students to keep them away from social evils and also to build their wholesome personality as they are future architects of modern India.

Courses and Training sessions on Yoga

A .Hatha Yoga Training sessions for B. Tech Students:

The yoga protocol comprising Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation   has been imparted  through special Yoga awareness programme where students learn  Yoga sadhana and also understand the benefits of yoga for health and fitness.


B .Stress Management by Yoga as an audit course for Iyear M. Tech students

A course on Stress management by Yoga was included in the syllabus of I M. Tech course for all the 5 PG programme students comprising around 90 students per year.

A   batch of students during   activity based theory class on stress and yoga practice session

International Day of Yoga Celebrations at GNITS 

International Day of Yoga Celebrations at GNITS -2020: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated virtually on 21st June 2020 at 7am.. Around 180 staff and students registered for this event.  The Yoga protocol given by Ministry of AYUSH was performed by all the participants by logging in from their homes connected through Microsoft Teams.

National Sports Day Celebrations- 2019

As a part of Fit India movement celebrations, GNITS organized A spot jogging event with 3000 members that included female students and staff on 30th August 2019 in the open grounds of GNITS which was supported by Life of Girl organization.

Other Activities: . Regular mandatory sports hours to engage them in different sports activities to identify sporting talent and to provide opportunity to all the students to understand the benefits and pleasure they get through play.

NSO Classes

During the Academic year 2019-20, JNTUH made NSO classes as mandatory for the I year B.Tech  students. The NSO classes were conducted during the I semester for all the branches as per their Timetables.

 Inter Class Competitions (Friendly Matches)

For B. Tech I year students: (2019 Batch)

During the academic year 2019-20, for the I year B. Tech students, as a part of Talent identification and  motivating students to participate in sports events, from  1/9/2019 to last week of Nov. 2019 every day (Monday- Friday) 2pm to 4pm,  class wise competitions were conducted to select the best players from each class in different sports like Badminton, Chess, Table tennis, Throw ball, Kho Kho and 100 mts. Run.

From 3rd Dec. to 15th Dec. 2019 Inter class competitions were conducted among 11 sections best players in each event mentioned above.

Organisation of Inter Engineering college Sports meet for Women- VERVE-20 at GNITS::

GNITS has been organizing   Inter Engineering college Sports meet for women, VERVE, once in 2 years to promote sports culture among students and to provide an opportunity to the Engineering students to prove their mettle in different sporting events. So far 9 Such Inter college tournaments were organized at GNITS.  The  IX National level Inter Engineering colleges Sports meet for women  was organized on 6th and 7th March 2020 at GNITS.

 Active participation of GNITS students in Inter college Tournaments during 2019-20

  • During the academic year 2019-20, GNITS participated in 13 Inter Engineering college sports meets both at national and state level organized at different colleges and secured 57 titles out of which  36 Winners titles, 16 Runners titles and 5 III Places in  9 different sports disciplines.

GNITS retained JNTU zone- A Inter collegiate girls Over all championship for the year 2019-20



Special sports training camps for different sports for both recreation and Inter College events that enable the students to utilize their leisure time effectively. The sports coaching camps are conducted from August to March every year. Experienced coaches have been training the students in these different sports events..

          • Badminton camp
          • Volley ball camp
          • Basket ball camp
          • Throw ball camp
          • Table tennis camp
          • Gym Training
          • Athletics

Students during Practice sessions

Self-defense training programmes to create awareness and boost the confidence of female students to protect themselves in any situation of danger.

Demo of self defense skills and practice sessions

 Nutritional Status check (BMI and Body Fat assessment)

The Nutritional status data collection for the I year students was started from August 2019 to identify their current nutritional status that is whether they come under undernourished/ normally nourished / over weight/ obese category.

Research study on trends in Nutritional status, Body composition, Physical Activity pattern and its relation to Physical work capacity of female college students at GNITS:

 Infrastructure Development:

  • New open Gym equipment worth 8 laths was procured for the GNITS hostel and campus to enable the students to use during, before and after their academic working hours to improve their physical fitness. The equipment installed in the GNITS campus was inaugurated by Honourable Chairman Sri.P. Subba Reddy garu on 15th August 2021.

New ultrasonic digital height stand with weight, BMI and body composition analyser was procured  that can be used to assess nutritional status of the students and staff.

 International Day of Yoga celebrations 2021 under FIT INDIA

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga of Yoga celebrations 2021,  a National webinar on Yoga for wellness was jointly organized by FIT INDIA and EBSB clubs of GNITS on  12th and 13th June 2021.

National Webinar on Yoga for Wellness


 Cheer4 India Campaign for Indian team participating in Tokyo-2020 Olympics  by FIT INDIA, GNITS:

The Cheer for India campaign at GNITS was launched by  Smt. G. Sri Vidya Reddy garu , Secretary GNITS  on 22nd July  2021. In charge Principal Dr. K. RamalingaReddy garu, all the department Heads, Deans, Staff membersparticipated in this event. Dr. M.V.L. Surya Kumari, Physical Directress welcomed the gathering. GNITS extended best wishes to  all the Indian team members through Cheer 4 India event. The campaign continued till 28th of July 2021.

Let Us Sing National Anthem” event: organized by FIT INDIA- GNITS

To mark Azadi ka Amrit  Mahotsav, 75 years of India’s Independence celebrations at GNITS,

“ Let Us Sing National Anthem” event was organized by FIT INDIA club of GNITS.. The Management, principal and staff members of all the departments were assembled and sang National Anthem t together o show their solidarity to Mother India and paid tributes to  all the freedom fighters of our country.