• Ground floor is accommodating Circulation counter, Librarian Room, News papers and current periodicals and accommodating Circulation Books.
  • Second floor is accommodating Reference books, PG Books with back volumes of Journals, project reports and Book Bank Books.
  • All the Library operations are automated using the SOUL Library software.
  • Users can access OPAC (On line Public Access Catalogue) through intranet
  • The Digital Library has 12 systems and connected with 500 GBPS [ACT FIBERNET], 100 MBPS [BSNL], 100 MBPS [PIONEER E LABS] Internet facility.
  • The Library has all modern infrastructure facilities with a reading capacity of 250 seats.
  • We have Library Users Committee consisting of faculty and students under the chairmanship of the principal. They will meet at the beginning of each semester to discuss and give recommendations for the Library development.