IT Facilities Upgrade

  • GNITS is a WiFi enabled campus. Over the years it was upgraded to 200 Mbps and then to 500 Mbps in April 2021.
  • There are a total of 92 WiFi access ports in the campus currently.
  • HP, IBM and HCL Servers are installed in computer labs, examination branch etc.
  • Port Switches have been installed and replaced when necessary
  • Institute is providing around 1080 systems/workstations and 10 laptops to students and staff in the college.
  • The campus has 16 computer centers optimally networked to cater to the academic requirements of the students of all branches. The student to computer ratio is 3:1.
  • There are UPSs in computer labs and few staff rooms.
  • The systems were upgraded with DDRIII and DDRIV 4GB RAMS in computer labs.
  • All the systems are configured with windows equipped with essential softwares and firewalls for cyber security.
  • GNITS procured licenses for operating systems: Windows and LINUX, softwares like Adobe, MS-Office, Oracle, Turbo C++, Netism V-12, MATLAB, Multisim, Xlinix, Mentor Graphics, HFSS, Keil -C51, Active HDL etc.
  • The institute has been procuring latest licenses of MATLAB every year. Currently MATLAB 2021B is in use campus wide.
  • Open source softwares like Arduino, TASM, Keil-ARM, Flash Magic, Graphical Network Simulator etc. are in use in the labs.
  • The library offers online subscriptions for IEEE, j-gate, Scoups & Databases DELNET & NDL etc. All the transactions (issue & return) are computerized. OPAC facility offers status of library resources.
  • Four Biometric devices are installed for registering attendance of teaching and non-teaching staff. There are four biometric devices for registering attendance for JNTU
  • There are various reprographic facilities around the college.
  • There are 80 Projectors around the campus in classrooms and seminar halls.
  • With the technological advances in smart learning, GNITS also purchased interactive boards in 2018 and 2019. Five Ingress Interactive Boards CS-85 along with Hitachi CPAX 3005 Projectors are installed one each in the departments to assist in smart learning.
  • Impartus Lecture Capture Solution is installed in 10 classrooms at GNITS to record daily lectures in the class rooms.
  • There are 29 CCTV cameras around the college campus and 6 CCTV cameras around college hostels for security.

** Additional documentation is provided as separate file with invoices of above-mentioned infrastructure


S.No. Facility 2020-21 Previously Total
1 Wifi Access Ports 60 32 92
2 Systems 241 839 1080
3 UPSs/Battteries 3 219 222
4 Projectors 10 70 80
5 Printers 9 59 68
6 Smart Boards 5 5