Books Authored


  • Semantic Web Design Methodology” IA Global Publishers, 2015 by Dr. K.V.G.Rao .

  • Advance Unix and Compiler Design BSP Publications was authored by Dr. N. Kalyani in 2010.

  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory Tata McGRAW Hill was authored by Dr N. Kalyani in 2011.

  • Theory of Computation Tata Mc GRAW Hill was authored by Dr. N. Kalyani in 2012

  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory” Pearson Publications, 2014 by Dr. N. Kalyani in 2014.

  • UML Case Studies, UML User Guide, Pearson, ISBN 978-81-3179-754-9 by Dr. A Sharada

  • Customized Core Java Fundamentals book as per Anna University “Programming Paradigms” syllabus, Core java fundamentals, Pearson, ISBN: 978-0134177304 and 978-0134177298 by Dr. A Sharada

  • To fill Gaps of Contents or USDP edition (Supplementary Materials) of Andrew S Tanenbaum According to JNTUA Syllabus ISBN No 9780130661029 by Mrs Jayashree S Patil