During the last 18 years, the department has established well equipped laboratories: Basic Simulation Lab, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab , Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab, Electronic Circuits & Pulse Circuits Lab, Analog & Digital Communications Lab and an exclusive Advanced Telecommunications Lab, Computer Networks Lab, Advanced Communications  Lab, Wireless Communications Networks Lab. Simulation lab has been established with 33 systems and are networked. The department has spent a substantial amount for procuring useful software packages such as Netsim, MATLAB, Multisim, Kiel, N-Sim. L-SIM, TASM and MASM.

Laboratories & Areas

S.No Name of the Laboratory Floor area (Sq.m)
1. Communications Lab (Analog & Digital Communications Lab, Advanced Telecommunications Lab) 98
2. Electronic Circuits Lab (Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab, Linear & Digital  IC Applications Lab, Electronic Circuits & Pulse Circuits Lab) 98
3. Simulation Lab (Basic Simulation Lab, Computer Networks Lab) 98
4. Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab 98
5. M.Tech & Project Laboratory (Advanced Communications Lab, Wireless Communications Lab) 98