Books Authored

Books Authored

S. No Staff Name & Designation Book/Book Chapter Book Title Publisher/ ISSN No/ Vol Date
1 Dr.S.Ramacharan, Assoc.Prof. Book Chapter: Impact of Communication and Coordination Factors on GSD Projects Advances in Computer Science


AkiNik Publications, Vol-6. December 2019
2 Dr.S.Ramacharan, Assoc.Prof. Book Chapter: Project Management in GSD Environment Book Title: Emerging Trends in Mechanical, Computing and Electrical Scirnce Anvi Books & Publishers, First Edition, ISBN: 978-81-941281 October 2019
3 Dr.V.Surpiya, Assoc.Prof. Book Chapter:Web Service Specification and Discovery Book Title: Web Services

Theory & Practice


Online DOI 10.1007/ 978-981-13- 3224-1_2

Print ISBN 978-981-13-3223-4

Online ISBN 978-981-13-3224-1

Springer, Singapore

December 2018


4 Dr.V.Surpiya,Assoc.Prof. Book Chapter:Big Data Service Agreement Big Data: A Primer Springer-India,

Print ISBN 978-81-322-2493-8

Online ISBN 978-81-322-2494-5

Series Print ISSN 2197-6503

Series Online ISSN 2197-6511

5 Dr.N.Laxmi Manasa,Assoc. Prof. Book:JAVA Programming: Concepts with Examples Hitech publishers First Edition-2015

ISBN: 978-81-298-0112-8

6 Dr.N.Laxmi Manasa,Assoc. Prof. Book:Biometric Authentication A Reference Guide Paramount Publishing House First Edition-2015


7 Dr.N.Laxmi Manasa,Assoc. Prof. Book Chapter:Fusion of Multiple Biometric Traits: Fingerprint, Palmprint & Iris Bio inspiring Cyber Secrurity & Cloud Services: Trands & Innovations Springer-Verlag Berlin,

Print ISBN 978-3-662-43615-8

Online ISBN 978-3-662-43616-5

Series Print ISSN 1868-4394

Series Online ISSN 1868-4408