Projects : Sanctioned / Applied

The department has been applying for projects to AICTE/DST every year.

The following is the list of the applied projects:

S.No Funding Agency Application ID Project Title Principal


Co-Investigator Submission Date Budget Requested (Rs.)
Academic Year: 2020-2021
1. AICTE-AQIS 1-9291081521 Smart Organic Farming Dr.S.Prabavathy Dr.V.Supriya 03-12-2020 10,00,000
2. DST-Project Related Grant TPN/57030 UV External Human Body Disinfector L.Smitha Dr.S.UdayBhaskar 12-11-2020 4,86,847
3. DST-Project Related Grant TPN/57865 Solar Smart Street Lighting System for eco-friendly India using IoT Technology Dr.S.Ramacharan C.Sudhakar Reddy 31-10-2020 4,90,000
4. DST-Project Related Grant TPN/57714 Smart Agricultural Framework to increase the Crop production based on Gentic Engineering SAF-GE Dr.S.Ramacharan Dr K. Venugopala Rao 31-10-2020 4,90,000
5. DST-Project Related Grant TPN/58204 Development of Internet of things based Cloud Architecture for Household Devices 1.Dr.S.Ramacharan

2. Dr K. VenugopalaRao

31-10-2020 11,80,000
6. TSCOST (Telangana State Council of Science and Technology) Sent Hard Copy High Yield Smart Organic Farming System for Optimizing Soil Fertility with Reduced water consumption and Advanced disease Management Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy Dr S.Prabavathy January-2020 4,96,000
7. TSCOST Sent Hard Copy Automated solar Smart Street Lights using IoT Technology Dr.S.Ramacharan 1. Dr K. VenugopalaRao

2.C.Sudhakara Reddy

January-2020 4,60,000
8. TSCOST Sent Hard Copy Smart Agricultural Framework to increase the crop production Dr K.Venugopala Rao 1.T.Rajesh

2. Dr S. Ramacharan

January-2020 4,90,000
Academic Year: 2019-2020


1-7015926094 IoT and Edge/Fog Computing lab Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 30-12-2019 13,29,500


1-7026785751 Extreme Programming using Agile Development methodologies Dr. S. Ramacharan 30-12-2019 4,05,000
3. Research Promotion Scheme


1-7031301201 High Yield Smart Organic Farming System for Optimizing Soil Fertility with Reduced water consumption and Advanced disease Management Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 30-12-2019 8,72,000
4. DST- Project Related Grant TPN/26361 Interdisciplinary cyber physical system L.Smitha

Dr.V. Supriya

11-2-2019 2,40,000


Academic Year: 2018-2019
1. AICTE-AQIS-RPS 1-4148532070 Research Promotion Scheme-Smart fire detection system using IoT and machine learning Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 14-11-2018 6,41,000
2. AICTE-STTP 1-4148797612 Short term Training Program-machine learning fundamentals Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 14-11-2018 3,27,000
Academic Year: 2017-2018
 1. AICTE-AQIS-STTP 1-3557959214 Short term Training Program Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 28-11-2017 3,25,000
2. AICTE-AQIS-RPS 1-3557959178 Research Promotion Scheme-cloud based realistic object modelling for 3D printing Dr.N.Laxmi Manasa 29-11-2017 24,74,615
 3. MODROB(AICTE) 1-3341065039 Modernisation and removal obsolescence Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 8-2-2017 17,00,000
4. AICTE-AQIS-RPS 1-3343017634 Research Promotion Scheme Dr.I.Ravi Prakash Reddy 8-2-2017 9,00,000
5. FDP 1-3344703487 Faculty Development Program V.Sesha Bhargavi 8-2-2017 4,00,000