To provide engineering education in the field of Computer Science with evolving technologies and to produce self motivated, employable individuals to society.


  1. To pioneer education in Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences, to mould the overall personality of students.

  2. To nurture the students to be dynamic, industry ready and to have multidisciplinary skills and leadership qualities.

  3. To inculcate work ethics and commitment in students for their future endeavors to serve the society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: The student should be able to apply their knowledge in Mathematics, Science, Engineering as well as Computer Science along with programming skills in their Engineering education and career advancement.

PEO 2: They are expected to communicate well and get ready for understanding the importance of social, business, technical and ethical aspects with which a process or product is designed.

PEO 3 : They should be able to excel in multidisciplinary teams, develop leadership roles and inculcate problem solving capability, design skills and other diverse career paths.

PEO 4 : They should be able to develop an interest in knowledge enhancement with the evolving technologies.

Program Outcomes (POs) – B.Tech. (CSE)
PO 1 Engineering knowledge: To acquire firm knowledge of Mathematics,  Science, Engineering & Computer Science.
PO 2 Problem analysis: To identify, formulate & analyze requirements of IT Applications.
PO 3 Design/development of solutions: To effectively apply engineering principles to the design of computer & IT based Systems.
PO 4 Conduct investigations of complex problems: To synthesize research based knowledge in the design of programming and analysis of data for providing valid conclusions to complex problems.
PO 5 Modern tool usage: To possess skills for creating and selecting modern software development tools.
PO 6 The engineer and society: To apply conceptual knowledge relevant to professional engineering practices in societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and their consequences.
PO 7 Environment and sustainability: To understand the impact of engineering solutions in social and economic environments and work towards sustainable development.
PO 8 Ethics: To understand contemporary legal, social & ethical issues in computing.
PO 9  Individual and team work: To effectively work as an individual and adapt to a team environment.
PO 10 Communication: To communicate precisely and effectively both in oral and written in all engineering activities.
PO 11 Project management and finance: To apply engineering and management principles for managing and leading economically feasible projects in multi disciplinary environments as an individual and team member.
PO 12 Life-long learning: To develop confidence to engage in independent & lifelong learning in the context of Technological changes.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) – B.Tech. (CSE)
PSO 1 The ability to develop software projects using standard practices and suitable programming environment.
PSO 2 To apply computer science knowledge in exploring and adopting latest technologies in different co-curricular activities.
Program Outcomes (POs) – M.Tech. (CSE)
PO 1 An ability to independently carry out research/investigation and development work to solve practical problems
PO 2 Ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.
PO 3 Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program.
PO 4 Ability to understand advanced computing technologies and develop coding skills in domain specific areas.
PO 5 Ability to engage in lifelong learning and inculcate professional ethics.