Honors and Strengths

Faculty Achievements / Recognition’s

  • Dr. M.Seetha, Professor & Head

    • Received Distinguished Faculty in Engineering Award in the field of Computer Science and Engineering by Venus International Foundation, Chennai in July, 2017

    • Received Star Achiever Award from M/s Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. in August 2016

    • Received AICTE Career Award for Young Teachers (CAYT) in FEB, 2009 and received a grant of Rs.10.5 lakh for a period of three years.

  • Dr. K. Venugopala Rao, Professor

    • Is shortlisted for Round-2 by INSA (Indian National Science Academy), New Delhi for the award of “Distinguished Professor in Computer Science Stream”.

    • Received “Best Project Mentor Award” from ANVESHANA in Feb 2015.

    • Received “Best Computer Science & Engineering Teacher” award for the year of 2013 from ISTE, A.P.

    • Received “Academic Excellence” award during 2009 from management of GNITS

  • Dr. N. Kalyani, Professor

    • Received Academic excellence award during 2008 by management of GNITS.

    • Best Project Mentor Award” from Anveshana in Feb 2017 was given for this project.

    • Received Best Teacher Award in 2018 from IEAE.

  • Dr. A Sharada, Professor
    • Received Best Teacher Award in 2018 from IEAE.
  • Dr. G.Malini Devi, Asst. Professor
    • Received Young Achieve Award in 2018 from IEAE.