Faculty Innovations in T&L

Faculty Innovations in T&L

Class Room Technology & Online Resources:

Computer with Internet facility, LCD and OHP are provided in the Classrooms to enhance students learning experience. Possible uses of Classroom Technology include suing video lectures (like NPTEL) to teach Technical and programming languages , leveraging multimedia projects that allow students to explore subject matter using Video, audio and even simulations softwares. Various online resources are identified and used for Teaching and Learning purpose. Information regarding these online links is provided to students in Syllabus Books.

Knowledge on latest hardware /Software:

 Students are encouraged to  learn software like C,Java, Python, Matlab & Labview.  Hands on sessions are planned using Raspberry pi, Arduino, Waspmote, SDR etc. which facilitate them for completion of their major and minor projects and also to participate in Hackathons.

Technical Association Activities:

Students are encouraged to participate in various activities like Paper Presentation & Poster Presentation contests, Technical quiz and Technical dumbcharades, Group Discussions to ensure their competency level.

Remedial Classes:

 Remedial classes are conducted to the students who have backlogs, the classes are useful for the students to clear the subjects.

Tutorial Classes

 Courses involving analytical concepts and problem solving concepts are supported with tutorial classes. 20 students are assigned to one faculty member, which helps the students to interact with the faculty and help them to understand the concepts clearly. Rigorous practice is given on problems for enhancing problem solving capability.