Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Chairman     – Dr. K.Ramesh Reddy, Principal
Coordinator – Mrs.T.Aparna, Assistant Professor, IT
               , Contact number: 9989256569
Dr. P. Aparna HOD- H&M Dept.
Dr.G. Srivalli Assoc. Prof. – ECE Dept.
Mrs. K. Swarna Latha Asst. Prof.- EEE Dept.
Mrs. Bhageshwari Ratkal Asst. Prof. CSE Dept.
Mrs.T. Sunitha Asst.Prof.- ETM Dept.
Mrs. M. Sreevalli Asst. Prof.-BS Dept.


Roles & Responsibilities of committee members

General Roles and Responsibilities:

⦁ Dissemination of information and awareness generation (i.e. to create & communicate a detailed policy).
⦁ To constitute a sub- committee at the departmental level comprising of faculty and student members for the welfare of women .
⦁ Ensure that the members are trained in both skill & capacity in striving for an equal, safe and harmonious environment.
⦁ To address and resolve grievances if any, on a timely basis.
⦁ Prepare an annual report of the departmental women welfare activities and submit to the authorities.


⦁ Preparing the Almanac of ICC,constitute sub-committees of faculty & student members for execution of work on women welfare.
⦁ Organize meetings at regular intervals and at times as per the immediate requirement of complaints received for effective functioning of the cell.
⦁ Preparing Annual Report and submission to the concerned authority.
⦁ Procurement of adequate resources for administration & functioning of the cell.
⦁ Inspire the members to make efforts to maintain gender parity, sexual harassment-free and positive environment in the college campus.

 Faculty Members:

⦁ Execute the work assigned during meetings for functioning of the cell.
⦁ Monitor & support the student members for dissemination of information for awareness generation.
⦁ Provide training in skill & capacity to all the members in striving for equal, safe & harmonious environment.
⦁ To address & resolve grievances if any on a timely basis.
⦁ Prepare reports of sub-committees of the activities undertaken and submit to Co-ordinator.

Student Members:

⦁ Report to faculty members for taking up the work assigned in relation to the functioning of the cell.
⦁ Seek the guidance & support of the faculty & cell co-ordinator for execution of tasks related to the cell.
⦁ Remain vigilant while in the campus for prevention of any unwarranted behavior among the students and report the same  to faculty/Co-ordinator on a timely basis in case it is observed.
⦁ Provide assistance to faculty members in the execution of their tasks related to the cell.
⦁ Inculcate discipline among all the students for a grievance free & friendly college environment.